Validate, validate, validate

Validating your assets means providing accurate information in real-time to reflect changing situations. General degradation, immediate hazards and natural disasters affect the condition and lifespan of individual assets to differing degrees. Accurate asset validation means you can develop precise maintenance schedules, conduct necessary repairs and perform important replacements. Whether young, middle-aged or old, XLAssets logs the data you need to get the most out of each asset.


From poles to meters, pipes to gauges or signposts to street markings, choose the asset that is right for you.


Give each asset an identity: What does the asset look like? Who does the asset belong to? What class is the asset? What are the asset’s size and dimensions? When was the asset ‘born’?


Log the specific location of each asset with automatic latitudinal, longitudinal altitudinal inputs.


Enter the dates of the current inspection and the previous inspection to make sure you are meeting maintenance expectations.

Related Assets

Group assets in the same location or part of the same structure to help with asset identity and location.


Add specific notes for each asset for unique descriptions, action points or reminders that can be shared between colleagues.